Your Healthcare Solutions Partner

Experta has corporate experience of National Geographics Journey and GAdventures Turkey. By the end of 2018, Experta created a professional healthcare team; who is willing to serve the experiences due to profession
and patients’ priorities.

Due to values and instructions of Turkish Health Ministery and Association of Turkish Travel Acencies; Experta desires to serve a long-term service with confidence and high quality .

We are all here with you as “Your Healthcare Solutions Partner”.


Plastic Surgery

The definition of health is “just a state of well-being, not just bodily, but spiritually and socially.” We aim to improve the functional and visual aspects of the patients with their plastic surgery.  

Hair Transplantation

The most effective method of regaining your hair is hair transplantation. After your hair transplantation operation, you can get information from our experts to get natural results that are impossible to distinguish.


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