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Your safety is our priority

Experta Healthcare, within the international health tourism and tourist health regulations, is qualified to have international health tourism authorization certificate by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health.

Why Experta Healthcare?

When it comes to the most precious thing you have in your life – your health, you can have a different perspective. Also, when considering about getting the treatment in Turkey, you can have some question marks, naturally. We, as Experta healthcare are here for you to make you feel like home during your treatment in Turkey. We approach to all your needs – not just medical- and make sure you have a great experience in Turkey.

Please feel free to contact us for your inquiries: or WhatsApp: +90 850 44 11 410

Why Turkey, in Health Tourism?

Turkey is one of the most successful countries when it comes to the most complicated medical treatments such as organ transplantations, robotic surgeries etc. . Turkey is chosen by more than 1 million patients from all over the world for treatments. JCI accredited hospitals, Centers of Excellences, facilities and medical staff. Such as doctors, nurses, technicians, lab technicians, etc.

In addition to this; strong medical substructure, you can also pay %20 -30 less, in comparison to other countries.

Contact us to have a free second medical opinion today! or WhatsApp: +90 850 44 11 410


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