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Brachioplasty, is a procedure to remove excess skin in and around the arms and armpits.


Weight loss, genetic factors, sun exposure, aging and gravity affects the skin and causes deformation in arms. Sagging usually manifests itself inside upper arms. Immune to exercise and diet, this condition causes the person to prefer clothing that covers the arms. The flabby skin might also develop irritation and rash on armpits. These situations put the person in an unhealthy state and disturb their psychology.

Brachioplasty, is a procedure to remove excess skin in and around the arms and armpits.

What are the details of full arm lifting operation?

An examination needs to be performed by the surgeon prior to the operation to determine the appropriate procedure. The operation can be combined with other procedures.

As a first step, liposuction is performed, and then, vertical and L-T shaped incisions, from the armpits to the elbows for removal of the excess skin and fat tissue are made, which is followed by contouring the arms. 

General anesthesia is applied. The procedure takes approximately 1-2 hours.

What are the details of mini arm lifting operation?

To tighten the skin, 1-2 milimeters long incisions are made on the inner and upper regions where local fat build up exists. Laser lipolysis technique is used to emulsify and remove the excess fat. The other option is to remove the fat and skin with surgery.  Afterwards, contouring is done on the upper arms.

Local or sedation anesthesia is available. The procedure lasts for about 45 minutes. dır.

The patient can go home after a 3-4 hours long rest.

Recovery Period

After the arm lifting operation; Full recovery is observed in 1 week.

Showers must not be taken for first 2 days.

The patient must use a corset for the first month.

For the first 2 weeks, the patient might experience reduced mobility.

Heavy physical activities must be avoided on the first month.

Aesthetic stitches reside on the inner side of the arms, which leaves the patient with inapparent scars.  Blushing usually disappears from the area after a few months.

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