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 This is one of the most effective hair transplantation method recently popular because of grafts can be transplanted more properly with a minimal damage.


Nowadays hair loss is the common problem among men and women. Also many reasons stand back, after treatment hair loss stops and new hair come out is possible. 

Hair scalp has just begun to get thin and there is slimming among hair strands but also hair roots are strong, at first stage hair loss can be slowed down with supportive treatments and even it can be stopped. Only solid hair strands can be seen lively and thick. Because of that the results are limited. If hair strands have left the scalp and they became thin feathers, it can be mentioned about hair loss and baldness. Hair scalp becomes thin and it starts to shine. In recent years, DHI is the most effective treatment method in hair transplantation. 

What is DHI Hair Transplantation?

DHI is the abbrevation of Direct Hair Transplantation. It is accepted as most developed and most effective method recently. It is one of the most effective hair transplantation method recently because of grafts can be transplanted more properly and it has advantages. The definition is DHI technique is the  transplantation of hair roots ,taken from the hairy scalp by FUE technique, to the blank regions. Transplantation is made with particular pens. It is a suture-free application because of no bistoury use. DHI hair transplantation technique is revolutionary because of no canal opening operations and fast implementation of grafts with straight angel. It can be reached up to 6000 grafts and more. It can be applied almost every hair type. There is no need to shave the hair scalp. 

What are the stages of DHI Hair Transplantation?


  • The application period is short. In accordance with this grafts outside staying period become short. 
  • The grafts which is located in a particular penpoint is transplanted.
  • Transplanted hair roots are placed in the hairless area without any damage. 
  • The hair loss at transplantation process comes down as %1. 
  • The bleeding among transplantation process comes to minimum. 
  • There will be no side effects like pain or inflation after transplantation. 
  • Natural transplantation process is occured parallel to the hair density with the pens which have 3 -2-1 or more hair roots. 
  • Natural transplantation process is provided by ensuring fullness singular on front sides, multiple on front-back sides with multiple hair roots.

What are the results of DHI Hair Transplantation?

The results are so successful because of the hair line design which is applied by the advantage of technique and the experience of the team and surgeon.
It is safe because it is applied by strict protocols.
%100 natural results are achieved.
There will be no pain.
It can be used life long.

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