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The excess skin problem over the eye is succesfully remedied with this operation, creating a stunning look.




muscle structure leads to skin tissue piling up, which in return causes eyelids to become saggy in the face of gravity.  This piled up extra skin not only causes eyelids to look unaesthethic, but also affects

Starting with the age of 30, most people experience saggy eyes. Anyone with a clean bill of health can have a lifting procedure. The excess skin problem over the eye is succesfully remedied with this operation, creating a stunning look. 


  • Excess skin on eyelids – Blefaroplasty

Eye lifting (a.k.a. Blefaroplasty) is a very effective treatment against saggy eyes. Recovery period is between one week and ten days. When performed with filling, the operation yields exceptional results.

  • Droopy eyelid reconstruction (Ptosis)

An incision is made along the natural line of the upper eyelid to remove excess fat tissue, leaving the area tightened. If the eyebrows are low, it is advised to have the operation combined with eyebrow lifting. Preferable for eyelid plastic surgery.

  • Fixing abnormal eyelid position

The most common version is entropion. The skin and eyelashes rubs against the kornea, causing irritation, pain and damage. If left untreated, kornea or even vision loss can happen. The treatment is the same with the Ptosis condition. The procedure is done with local anesthesia and the patient on their feet, which enables them to return home the same day. Due to inflamation and discoloration around the eyes, recovery can last for up to 7 to 10 days.

  • Eyelid retraction

This condition can occur due to genetics, thyroid issues or after tumor removal or injury, causing the eyelid to retract. Although effective, botox application can lead to eye dryness and for this reason surgery is preferred. The levator muscle which causes the retraction is removed and the rounder than usual looking eye gets fixed.

Please give us a call for all questions regarding blefaroplasty and eyelid retraction. We would be happy to get you together with our specialist surgeons.


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