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Misadjusted hair line causes to be seen transplanted area apparently which causes an unnatural image.


The most important point at hair transplantation applications is the definition of hair line which reveals the image of forehead area. There are matters which should be taken care of before, during and after operation. Misadjusted hair line causes to be seen transplanted area apparently which causes an unnatural image.

What are the Hairline Recreation Types ?

  • Leading Hairline :

    Areas outside the new hairline should be cleaned with epilation(application of needle or laser technique) 

  • Behind Hairline :

    With the application in receding hairline, spaces in the target area are filled. If there is not enough hair in the donor area, biofibre (synthetic hair) is transplanted. 

  • Uneven Hairline :

    With the new transplanting planned, the target area is filled. Incompatible areas are cleaned with epilation (needle or hairline laser technique) 

  • Receding Hairline :

    It can be seen after hair transplantation operations. In this case, one of the following methods is selected :  

    • Increasing density with FUE hair transplantation technique
    • Application of Biofibre (synthetic hair)
    • Application of Micropigmentation (Hair simulation)


  • Receding Surroundings of Hairline

    Due to the unpredictable and future hair loss, there may be incompatibility between the receding area and the transplanted area. In this case biofibre, micropigmentation or FUE technique is applied to create a homogeneous image by applying new design.

What should be paid attention at Hair Line Adjustment?

  • Hairline should be designed individually by adhering to golden ratio.
  • It should be designed based on the points determined from the outer and middle parts of the eyebrows.
  • Based on the current age of the person and possible future situation; forehead – mid-brow, nose –  jaw, and mid-brow – nose rates should be calculated correctly.
  • With a well-designed hairline, the target is to pull the person’s optic age back to the same level.
  • Asymmetry should be given to the channels opened by adhering to the hairline and should not be opened straight.
  • A more natural and homogenous appearance will be provided with grafts that usually contain single hair follicles in the front hair line which is planned to be worked frequently.
  • In case of any receding in the advanced ages, transaction should be done by entering between its own hair during transplantation in order not to create a gap between the transplanted area and the person’s own hair.

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