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Hair Loss Stage consists of 7 phases.


Dr. Hamilton defined man type hair loss stages in 1951. Later Dr. Norwood developed these stages and he formed the Norwood / Hamilton scala which accepted as a guide nowadays.

Hair Loss Stage consists of 7 phases:

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  • Hair loss starts from the front part of the forehead with impairment to the temple. People who wants to transplant hair are a patient group who has to be decided on very carefully. At this period person starts to search for remedies but not only cosmetic applications are enough. Hair should be treated and loss should be slowed down with treatments like mezotherapy, PRP and then weak hair should be strengthened. At the same time organic shampoo, lotion, cure and hair strengthening food supplies as traditional treatment methods can be recommended. 


  • At phase 2 – 3 hair loss proceeds, spaces spread on the front part and sides, hair forehead line goes back away and spaces start to occur at verktex area which is located at top of hair.  At this point hair line dissappeared and transplantation can be thought about. Hair line is determined according to patient’s age and face ratio and channel opening is  recommended. By this way exact graft number can be defined and enough number of graft is taken from nape area.

    There is a blank area which determines the difference between 2 and 2A phase. During the hair transplantation operation at phase 2 It is advised to be tightened this area.

    At phase 3 and 3A is kind of hair loss types which can be considered hair transplantation because of regression at hair line. It should be transplanted cautiously after a good planning by calculation of loss potential at sides and top on the backward direction from newly created hair line at the same direction and angle of hair. 

    At phase 3 V space posture, front area and vertex should be filled. Channels which opened at vertex area should be opened to parallel to scalp at the direction of hair roots and be fulfilled. Second session should be postponed with the calculation of possible loss areas because vertex will open more in future. 


  • When it is come to phase 4A the situation called ‘baldness’ appears. In this situation hair loss starts from forehead towards back side of head and scalp looks obviously. At phase 4A hair transplantation becomes an urgent need. 

    At phase 4 hairless area should be filled from new hair line by calculating patient’s face ratio and vertex should be scanned. At 4A because there is no gap at vertex it should be scanned backward from hair line with possible hair loss areas. 


  • At phase 5 and 5A ‘baldness’ is obviously seen. At this point hairloss reached to vertex from front area and it started to proceed back of head.  

    At phase 5 there is few hair between front part and vertex and hairloss potential is very high. Because of this hair line should be formed and all head should be scanned with a plan by assuming no hair is in the middle. At phase 5A no hair stayed in the middle and all area is empty. All area and possible hair loss areas should be scanned, it should be considered there can be hair loss at the area which stayed at upper side of ear and for second, third sessions the donor area (the area which taken tissue) should be used carefully. Generally these are the types that need second session at the end of the first year. For second session it should be waited for all hair come up and new transplantation should be planned according to this situation.


  • There is a completely hairless area developed except the area between two ears. It came to last phase of hair loss. The most important difference between phase 6 and 7 is also the hair located upper side of ears is also came down. As mentioned above this is the most important issues while planning hair transplantation. At incorrect planning even if it is transplanted many times, side area becomes bald and unfortunately transplanted area can stay as an island. If it is needed at the end of the second season, more filled look can be provided. 

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