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EU candidate country, Turkey; provides services to 1 million people per year in health tourism at European standards. With over 170 hospitals has JCI accreditation, Turkey is the country which has the highest number of accreditation at health tourism services. Turkey provides health services 60% low compare to European countries. In terms of health services, Turkey provides 60% cheaper services than European countries. Turkish Airlines is an airline that provides access to the most destinations as it provides flights to 121 countries and 52 destinations. Turkey has a maximum 3-hour flight from Europe and Asia which 1 billion people live.

Turkey has the biggest airport in the world.

Turkey thanks to long-term investments made in the development of medicine, especially the past 25 years; is one of the best service providing country among the countries in the world in the areas of organ transplantation, complicated surgical procedures and oncologic therapies with high success rates which requires technological investments.

For patients who have decided to be treated in Turkey, thanks to the patient-centered multidisciplinary approach, patient and close relatives who would need to close subject (accommodation, transport, etc. ) support may be not only medical success with the collaboration of the institutions have the organizational structure of the patient’s time spent in Turkey and their relatives are made to feel at home.

For centuries, particularly where different religions and cultures meet, including Istanbul and other cities in Turkey, is an alternative tourism route where different experiences will be obtained in terms of tourism. With historical texture, gourmet and different routes Turkey is one of the routes which must be seen located at Europe and Middle East connection in terms of historical and current manners.


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