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It is a fat injection procedure for saggy and deformed outer lips of vagina.


Labia majora anatomy;  changes in time with respect to genetic and age related hormonal factors. Fat and colagen tissue in labia majora (outer lips) decreases causing sagging, thinning and retraction. At the same time overlapping skin segments, discoloration and wrinkles start appearing.

Compared to their anatomy, disproportionately large outer lips can decrease the quality of life in women. Problems can manifest themselves in social and sexual life also from an plastic surgery point of view, making the person feel less beautiful and incompetent. Wearing tight clothing or bikinis might present an undesired look. In addition to all these, bigger lips can develope fungal infections.

What is labia majora augmentation?

It is a fat injection procedure for saggy and deformed outer lips of vagina. Two techniques are present:

  • Fat injection (a desired, more permanent solution)
  • Hyaluronic acid injection (a less desired, 6-9 months long solution)

What are the details of this operation?

Either local anesthesia or monitored sedation is used. The procedure takes approximately an hour.

 Consists of two phases.

  • Liposuction; fat tissue is collected from a few milimeters long incision which is made to a fatty area (generally to lower belly, love handles or inner thighs) of the body.
  • Lipofilling; a symmetric injection of the collected fat through milimeters long incisions made on the outer lips.

When these procedures finish, the outer lips look refreshed, pinky and lively from an plastic surgery perspective

What are the details of the recovery period?

Due to the size of the incisions, no stitches are needed. The area of operation should be left with its dressing on for recovery. The patient can return to their normal life after 2 days, in light of the fact that there is little to no risk. Hot showers should be avoided for a week. Heavy physical and sports related activities should be avoided for a month.

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