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The neck is the complement of the face.It is the second place after the face that signs of aging can be seen.


Aging is inevitable, but aging healthy should be the goal of everyone.Apart from genetic factors and insistence of gravity, healthy eating, regular sleep and sports, not being exposed to the sun, avoiding stress, drinking plenty of water, weight control, avoiding smoking and alcohol, would delay aging and support quality of aging.

The neck is the complement of the face.It is the second place after the face that signs of aging can be seen. Therefore, neck should never be neglected during  the aesthetic touches to the face.

When the above mentioned factors are ignored, deformations will begin and sagging image will appear in time.

Who are candidate for Neck Lift Augmentation?

  • Those with a sagging salivary gland
  • Jowl, ie under the chin, combined with the neckline with weight gain
  • The appearance of the neck with a turkey neck, sagging skin
  • Deformation of neck muscles

Neck Lift Types

  • Neck Lift Surgery

The neck lifting surgery performed by the plastic surgeon is the process of eliminating the visible effects of sagging at jawline and neck with plastic surgery. A small incision is made under the ears and under the jaw. excessive fat deposits around the neck are taken out with liposuction or surgical excision (ablation) tension of the skin is improved by tightening of the underlying muscles, structuring the tissues, removal of part of the muscle (subcutaneous muscle) when necessary,  and incision  is closed with aesthetic suture.
After the neck lift augmentation by surgical method, an elastic bandage is applied to the face or an elastic mask is attached to the face for 1 week to ensure the tissues under the chin are attached to the floor and fuse. In the operation area there may be bruising, swelling and redness, and after 10 days the region returns to normal. The use of ice pack and pain medication is helpful for mild pain. The results of the neck lifting  aesthetics become more apparent in a few months. A few days after the operation, the person can return to daily life, go on long journeys, take the plane.

  • Happy Lifting Suspension Technique

Specially produced tissue-forming materials are inserted through the incisions, fixed by attaching to the spike protrusions on the tissues, and pulling the cheek tissues up while pulling the skin. Thus sagging is improved.

  • Mesotherapy with Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid, which is the main water retainer in the skin, starts to decrease over the years. With repositioning, the skin can regain its moisture and increase its tension. With the help of injections in the skin, fine lines in the skin, wrinkles begin to decrease and healthy, firm skin is achieved.

The application is 3-4 sessions with 2 to 4 weeks interval. It is repeated every 6 months for a renew session.

  • Ultherapy

is a non-surgical skin lifting  method.It helps to eliminate wrinkles in the neck and neck and improve  the decollete area. The application has a 30 min processing time in one session. The effect lasts 2 years.

  • PRP Applications

PRP is a process of self-renewal using one’s own cells. In the treatment of PRP, the cells in the blood called the platelets which have  healing, repairing, regenerating properties , are used to stimulate the production of collagen cells. In this method,  a skin test is done to measure the skin aging. According to the test result, the blood taken from the person is centrifuged, put into the test tube and the necessary active ingredients are added. After applying local anesthetic cream, prepared serum is injected into the skin area to be treated. On the first day, spot bruising, redness and swelling can be seen.

The application is advised  3 sessions a year with an interval 4-6 weeks.

Preparing the Neck Lift Surgery

In the weeks before the operation, people should make some adjustments in their lifestyle. Alcohol, excessive fat and sugary foods and blood thinners and anti-inflammatory drugs should be avoided. Cigarette smoking may interfere with the healing process and smokers should not smoke in the weeks before and after neck lift.


Neck lifting is a relatively simple operation that usually lasts between 2 and 3 hours. General or local anesthesia is applied depending on the type of surgery.

How Neck Lifting Surgery is performed?

The excess volume of the skin and fat deposits are taken from the neck area and the underlying muscle is reconstructed and the appearance of neck of the person is significantly improved.

Over the last decade, the developments in modern medical and surgical technology have produced superior results.

As the neck lifting surgery maybe  done alone; it is generally preferred to perform other facial surgeries such as facial lifting, eyebrow lifting and eyelid surgery at the same time.

You can contact us to get information and advice from our specialist doctors about Neck lifting  Aesthetics.


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