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1. Aesthetic filling applications
2. Porcelain laminates or laminate veneers
3. Zirconium crowns 
4. Gum aesthetics application
5. Smile design application
6. İnley- Onley
7. Porcelain crowns and bridges

First, a general oral and dental examination is performed to evaluate the oral and dental health. Planning is done after the patient’s entire mouth x-ray (Panoramic X-ray) is taken. The target is to make the teeth in harmony with the face of the patient. The patient is able to compare the operations after the treatment is done by the photos taken before and after the treatment.

Porcelain Laminates or Laminate Veneers
Lamina means leaves in latin language. They are fine porcelain made by removing only very light matter from the front surface of the tooth without cutting the teeth.

Zirconium Crowns
They are non-metal porcelain veneers and bridges. It is compatible with gums and does not cause gingival problem and bad breath. Metal porcelain allergy seen in some people is not seen in zirconium. It is harmonious in terms of aesthetics and health and breaks the light like natural teeth due to its lack of metal. In addition, because it is a very durable material, it can be used safely in the back areas and long bridges.

Gingival Aesthetics Application
Gingival contouring can be performed when the gums appear too much or the teeth appear short.

Smile Design Application (Hollywood Smile) 
It is the realization of the most beautiful smile planning with the harmony of aesthetics and naturalness. We listen to the ideas and desires of the desired smile in the design of the smile by considering the facial shape of the individual, the color, gender, age and color of the teeth. This process can be done with porcelain laminates, gingiva applications and whitening.

Inley – Onley Application
They are the fillings which are produced and applied by computer instead of crowns in cases where there is too much material loss due to cavities or trauma and in cases where successful results can not be obtained with fillings. The cavity is cleaned, the measurement is taken, the color is determined. Then it is digitally designed and glued into the mouth in the clinic. It is an aesthetic and long lasting treatment.

Porcelain Crowns and Bridges 
They are the treatments such as crowns or bridges applied to teeth which has less tissue or advanced tissue loss. It is an application covered with porcelain because of its metal supported infrastructure.

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