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If physical, psychological problems arise; increasing penis girth operations are done to mitigate them.


Penis problems among men can have a bad effect on sexual life. These problems might arise if;  the penis is shorter or thinner than usual, has a crooked shape, or deformed during circumcision.

If the penis has a low circumference, it can look small in a relaxed state. If physical, psychological problems arise;  increasing penis girth operations are done to mitigate them.

In adult men, the length and girth of the penis varies depending on the person, genetics, age and body weight; usually in a relaxed state its girth is 4,5 centimeters and in an erected state its 6 centimeters.

What are the methods for increasing girth?

Operation type is decided by the doctor after an examination.

  • Lipofilling;

purifying and then injecting the fat taken from the patients lower belly, root of the penis or inner thighs in a homogeneous manner, into target zones on penis. Injected fat have a tendency to disappear in time. If this happens, the operation might have to be renewed.

  • This is an operation which involves the tissue layer “Dermis”, taken by itself or with fatty tissue from lower buttocks, to be injected into the inner layers of penis.

What are the results of increasing girth?

  • Girth gets increased 25 to 35 percent.
  • Lasts for life. If desired by the patient, the procedure can be renewed.
  • No scar tissue develops.

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