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Todays techniques eliminate the problems related to penis length and girth with surgical operations.


Penis problems among men can have a bad effect on sexual life. These problems might arise if;  the penis is shorter or thinner than usual, has a crooked shape, or deformed during circumcision.

The length and girth of the penis varies depending on the person, genetics, age and body weight; usually in a relaxed state its lenght is 6-7 and girth is 4,5 centimeters and in an erected state its length is 14-15 and girth is 6 centimeters.

Men with these problems are affected physically, psychologically and have issues in their sexual life. Todays techniques eliminate the problems related to penis length and girth with surgical operations.

Surgeons advise for lenghtening and increasing girth operations to be done simultaneously to have longer lasting effects.

What are the reasons for these operations?

• Shorter than usual penises;
when in a relaxed state, look small and affect sexual life negatively.
• Thinner than usual penises;
Penis; with lesser than normal girth might look smaller even if it has a normal lenght. Increases the chance of having problems during intercourse.
• Crooked or deformed penises;
Many men are not happy with the shape of their penises due to genetic reasons.
• Circumcision errors;
Exist in many men. Circumcision errors can create shame and cause men to lose self-confidence.

What are the methods for lenghtening and increasing girth?

There are many popular methods exist for these operations. After a succesful operation, the patient can return to their normal life.

  • Detaching suspensory ligament;

This is an operation where the structure (suspensory ligament) which attaches the interior part of penis to pelvis is cut. Penis is pulled out by a 5 centimeters margin.

  • Suprapubic surgery (V-Y plasty);

Main objective is increasing girth. Done with liposuction.

Increasing penis girth

  • Penoscrotal Plasty;

Main objective is to lenghten the penis. Removal of the excess skin underneat the penis.

Penis lenghtening

  • Fat tissue injection method;

Main objective is to lenghten the penis with liposuction.

Penis lenghtening

Before the operations

The surgeon examines the patient and do necessary tests. Explains the important aspects related to the operation and readies the patient both physically and psychologically.

After the operations

  • Patient can return to their normal life immediately after the operation.
  • Some aching might be present. If anything else is present, the doctor should be notified.
  • Showers must not be taken for 10 days.
  • Heavy physical activity and sexual intercourse must be avoided on the first month or until the doctor says otherwise.
  • Patient must not swim for 6 months.
  • Air and car travel must be avoided on the first week.
  • General movement is restored after 5 days. Doctors opinion should be asked after the initial 15 days recovery period.
  • Sun and solarium should be avoided for 10 days.
  • An examination and dressing change is done after first 5 days.
  • Food that is rich in fiber should be preferred before and after the operation.
  • Penis acquires the desired shape in 6 months after the operation. Patience is needed during this phase. If desired, the patient can request psychological assistance.


  • Hygiene should be of utmost importance. Infection can present itself.
  • Some people can develop alergic reactions due to anesthesia. Doctor should be consulted.
  • Inflamation will lessen in 15 days and dissappear after first month.
  • If inflamation persists, it can turn into edema. Doctor must be notified immediately.
  • Blood accumulation can be present. It can be painful when combined with edema.
  • Empurpling is considered normal on the first days of recovery. When persists, the doctor should be notified immediately.
  • Sagging; although explained prior to the operation, if sagging happens; the surgeon might have to carry out another procedure.

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