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Depending on the severity of the scar, scar treatment is performed by surgical and non-surgical methods. 


Scar comes into existence because of  injury, burning, surgery, skin or hair diseases caused by various situations.These traces left by the wounds healed in the natural process can cause discontent in the visual aspect of the person even if they do not cause physical discomfort. The size of the scars can be narrow or wide, painful and painful depending on the location of the body and the metabolism of the person.If the scar is found on scalp with the help of technological developments, transactions can be made easily.


Depending on the severity of the scar, scar treatment is performed by surgical and non-surgical methods. With the revision of the tissue, the scar is closed both aesthetically and functionally. The most commonly used methods are FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method of hair transplantation and micropigmentation. Scars on the scalp can be closed, the desired shape and form can be given to the scalp and the hair can be used in any length.

If you need Scar Restoration ;

  • The medical history, current medical conditions and medication or herbal recommendations should be given to specialists, including the procedures for previous surgery or not.
  • The surgeon should perform a full physical examination.
  • Measurements should be made and photographs should be taken for scar surgery records.
  • The possible risks and complications of the procedure should be evaluated together with the person and the expert staff before the operation.

The procedures performed by FUE Technique are performed under local anesthesia without suture and lancet. After the operation person does not feel any pain or feels very little pain. Healing process is fast and can return to social life in a short time.

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